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Butterfield Contactless  

Fast and Convenient Checkout


Butterfield will be updating all of its Card products with contactless payment technology, also known as Tap and Go™. With contactless technology, you can make a payment by simply tapping your card on the payment device, like a point-of-sale terminal, and your transaction is processed without any hassle.









Contactless payment technology allows you to use your card to make a payment without swiping or inserting the card into the payment terminal. Instead, tap or hold the card near the point-of-sale terminal and it will scan the chip on the card using RFID technology.
You may use a contactless card or device at any POS terminal that accepts contactless payments. Most terminals will display the contactless symbol to identify that contactless payments are accepted. The contactless symbol looks similar to a volume icon.  
Your card will display the contactless symbol, identifying that it can be used for contactless payments.
To make a purchase with a contactless card, simply tap or hold your card close to the point-of-sale terminal for the transaction to be processed. Once the transaction is completed, you will simply receive a receipt from the merchant. No other action is required.
Purchases under $50 will only require that you tap your card to complete the transaction. However, purchases of $50 or more may require you to enter your PIN.



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