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Access to personal banking services wherever, whenever and however you need them.


Our ATMs allow:

  • withdrawals
  • transfers
  • bill payments
  • chequebook orders
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) changes 
  • transaction history (with mini-statement printouts)
  • balance inquiries
  • deposits
  • English and Portuguese language options

Introducing Bermuda’s First Multi-Currency ATM
Travelling to Canada, the UK or Europe? You don’t have to wait in line to buy Canadian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds or Euros before you go. Butterfield customers can now withdraw CAD, GBP and EUR from our new Multi-Currency ATM located in the International Departures lounge at the L.F.Wade International Airport.
Multi-Currency ATM Restrictions

For Butterfield Debit Cardholders only
Only dispenses C$/£/€ 50 notes
Maximum withdrawal amount is C$/£/€ 600

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