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A cushion for unexpected expenses

Adding overdraft protection to your account provides you with a cushion for unexpected expenses by ensuring that your cheques and withdrawals are covered if you're running a bit short on funds.



Having overdraft protection added to your account means:

  • You will have funds available to cover those unplanned or short-term expenses
  • Eliminating the embarrassment and inconvenience of having a cheque returned or withdrawal refused (provided you do not exceed the limit of the overdraft facility)
  • You will have buffer funds available should you make a budgeting miscalculation 

Interest is charged on the amount overdrawn at the current rate of interest until the funds to cover the overdraft are re-deposited to the account.

Note: A higher rate of interest and associated Bank fees are applied to unauthorised overdrafts.

For more information:

For more information or to apply for overdraft protection, consult a Personal Banking        Representative at any of our Banking Centres or call our Loan Hotline at (441) 298-4799.


Certain restrictions apply. Processing Fees apply.  Fees and interest rates are subject to change without notice.



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