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Butterfield partners with Bermuda College to provide internships for eight students

Hamilton, Bermuda–24 March 2014: The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited (“Butterfield”) recently partnered with Bermuda College to provide internships for seven college students who are studying or interested in business.
February through 25 April, Shanteala Looby, Brittani Place, Kneiko Richardson, Julia Judd, Kentrell Williams, Tracey DeSouza and Tahnee Douglas will receive hands-on experience in the Bank’s Operations, Information Technology, Retail and Credit Risk Management departments. The programme will give the students valuable insight into their chosen field of study and real-world experience. In turn, Butterfield will benefit from the extra sets of hands to assist with projects and administrative duties.
McKeisha Smith, Butterfield’s Vice President, Human Resources Bermuda said, “We are pleased to provide this opportunity to support the development of these very keen students. Supporting our community, particularly educational initiatives, is of great importance to the Bank. We anticipate that the partnership will be mutually beneficial.”
Elisha Huttick, Student Employment Coordinator at Bermuda College said, “We would like to thank Butterfield for partnering with Bermuda College in creating this unique ten-week internship opportunity for eight students in a range of key departments. Butterfield and in particular, LaKea Dill, has been extremely accommodating and a pleasure to work with throughout this process.”
Ms. Huttick also noted, “Partnerships between local businesses and Bermuda College provide our students with the opportunity to link classroom instruction with practical work experience. They are an important part of ensuring that the student has a combination of academic training, professional skills and work experience that companies value. Partnership allows employers to see potential hires in action and helps to build the corporate brand by supporting and nurturing the professional development of local students. It also helps to create shared resources for sustainability, such as creating new education programmes that meet the needs of local and international businesses. We welcome the participation of other industry partners as we seek to set Bermuda’s students on their paths to success, and encourage others to get involved.”
Bermuda College student Kneiko Richardson, currently working in Butterfield’s Information Technology department said, “It has been a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot within a short period of time and I am thankful for the opportunity.”
Student Tracey DeSouza, working in Credit Risk Management noted, “Interning at Butterfield has allowed me to experience what it would be like in the workplace. I have learned so much about the department I am working in and I am grateful for this experience.”



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