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27 May 2008
Art Festival Winners Announced

Nearly $10,000 was presented to winning artists at the Butterfield Bank Art Festival on Sunday.
The Festival – held in collaboration with the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in the Botanical Gardens – offered cash prizes to help celebrate the Bank’s 150-year Anniversary.


A $2,500 cheque for Best Professional was collected by Dean Walker for “Coastline”.
Gilbert Darrell won $2,500 after Festival Judges picked his art out of seven categories to win Best Amateur. Junior artist, Maxwell Kuzyk also received an Honourable Mention in this category and a $50 gift voucher from Brown & Co.

Amy Evans won the Quick Art Contest, $300 from Artcetera and $500 from the Bank. Otto Trott won second place (as well as a $200 gift voucher from Artcetera and $400 from the Bank) and Betty Ann Trott took third prize (including $100 from Artcetera and $300 from the Bank).

Three junior artists received an identical number of votes from the public in the People’s Choice Awards: Lulu Hedstrom, Jade Williams and Kate Cooper. Kersley Nanette won the adult People’s Choice Award
(and a $50 gift voucher from Artcetera, plus $300 from the Bank).

Other winning artists (by category) included:

7 & Under:


1st Place Winner: Skye Oliveira - $150

2nd Place Winner: Julia Moroney - $100

3rd Place Winner: Zane Curtis Thomas - $50


12 & Under:


1st Place Winner: Maxwell Kuzyk - $150

2nd Place Winner: Ella R. Burt - $100

3rd Place Winner: Chynia Rochester - $50


16 & Under:


1st Place Winner: Simon Benevides - $150

2nd Place Winner: William Gardner - $100

3rd Place Winner: Jade Williams - $50


21 & Under:


1st Place Winner: Chris Mahoney - $150

2nd Place Winner: Kaamilah Al-Amin - $100

3rd Place Winner: James Lee - $50




1st Place Winner: Gilbert Darrell - $150

2nd Place Winner: Vanessa George - $100

3rd Place Winner: Molly Godet - $50




1st Place Winner: Alwyn McKittrick - $150

2nd Place Winner: Gillian Gaade - $100

3rd Place Winner: Anna Cann - $50


Special Person:


1st Place Winner: Jonathon Walters - $150

2nd Place Winner: John Minks - $100

3rd Place Winner: Betty Jean Smith - $50


Professional Artist:


1st Place Winner: Dean Walker - $150

2nd Place Winner: Jackie Stevenson - $100

3rd Place Winner: Elizabeth Mulderig - $50


Many thanks to everyone who submitted artwork or came out to enjoy our 11th annual Butterfield Bank Art Festival this year – we look forward to seeing you again in 2009.




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