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Treasury Deposit Rates

Treasury Rates as



1 Week0.0100%0.0100%0.0100%0.0500%
1 Month0.0100%0.0100%0.0100%0.0500%
2 Month0.0100%0.0100%0.0100%0.0500%
3 Month0.0100%0.0100%0.0100%0.0500%
6 Month0.0500%0.0500%0.0500%0.1500%
1 Year0.1000%0.1000%0.1500%0.3500%
2 Year0.5000%0.5000%**
3 Year0.6000%0.6000%**
4 Year0.8000%0.8000%**
5 Year1.0000%1.0000%**

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Rates quoted are indications only and for amounts between 100,000 and 500,000 for the currency
concerned. For additional amounts and maturity periods, please call your Treasury Dealer Representative directly at (441) 295-1187.


Interest paid at maturity or annually where greater than 1 year.


Effective as of .



All Rates are subject to change without notice.








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