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Streamline your cash flow processes

Whatever the size of your business, Butterfield can help you streamline your cash flow processes and
access the banking information you need to make informed, timely decisions on cash flow management.



Our services include:


  • Day-to-day current accounts in BD, USD, CAD, or GBP (minimum $2,500 balance)
  • Interest-bearing Call or Fixed Deposit Accounts in major currencies (minimum $10,000 balance).
    USD/BMD accounts are accessible on a same day basis with the same cash management features as
    a current account.
  • AAA-rated money market fund accounts through our subsidiary Butterfield Asset Management,
    offering same-day liquidity in USD. They can also receive deposits directly via cheques/wires and
    have drafts/ wires issued against them.
  • Convenient record-keeping statements and top-quality personal service
  • Secure online internet banking with Butterfield Online offering 24/7 access to your accounts
For more information:

To find out more about Account Services, contact Business or Corporate Banking at
(441) 295 1111.




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