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Butterfield Asset Management


Our subsidiary, Butterfield Asset Management, can help you achieve your financial goals
through a range of investment products.


Our performance, record, investment philosophy and offshore expertise has made Butterfield the choice
of individuals, pension plans, institutions and insurance companies seeking to grow their assets. We will
find the best product to meet your investment objectives with maximum flexibility.


Portfolios are strategically diversified across asset classes, market capitalisation, geographic regions and
industry sectors. Through active portfolio management we seek to deliver superior returns while
controlling risk exposure.


Our investment products and services include:


Butterfield family of funds – From Standard & Poor’s rated money market and bond funds to a pure
equity growth fund, our products aim to meet a range of investment objectives and risk tolerance
levels of investors.


Discretionary portfolio management – regular updates and meetings with your portfolio manager
ensure that you are fully informed at all times


Brokerage services – a commission-based service for those investors who choose to manage their
own portfolios

Custody services – our global custody team provides dealing and settlement capabilities in all major
markets. Butterfield is a qualified intermediary for acting as a custodian of U.S. assets and can
provide assistance in understanding the withholding tax regime of different markets.

For more information:

To find out more about how we can help you meet your investment needs, contact Business or
Corporate Banking at (441) 295 1111.


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