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Protect your pleasure.

Owning a boat isn’t always smooth sailing.  Our Yacht & Pleasure Craft Insurance gives you peace of mind while you’re at the helm.


The policy, underwritten by the Freisenbruch-Meyer Group, protects your vessel and gear and also offers third party liability coverage – even if your boat is laid up and out of use. The insurance provides*:


  • Protection against loss or damage caused by mishaps such as weather, stranding, sinking or collision, fire, theft or negligence
  • Coverage for liability to passengers and third parties for accidental injury or property damage from use of the vessel
  • Optional extended coverage for special circumstances such as water-skiing, yacht racing or offshore passage
  • Automatic “no claims” discount


Guidance Note
FM Group personal insurance policies are underwritten by Freisenbruch Meyer Insurance Limited (FMIL), an FM Group company. The Bank of N.T. Butterfield and Son Limited (the Bank) is in partnership with FMIL. The Bank is a separate legal entity and does not guarantee the obligations of FMIL or the FM Group.  The Bank acts as agent of the FM Group and not of the customer.

For more information:
For further information about Yacht & Pleasure Craft Insurance or to request a copy of the full policy, please visit your local Banking Centre or contact Consumer Credit at (441) 295 1111.
*subject to actual policy terms and conditions.



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