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When you use Butterfield Online to pay bills, check your account balance or transaction history, or to send funds to someone else, you can be confident in knowing that your data and assets benefit from a high degree of protection.


You may have heard that there can be risks associated with online banking because of “hacking” – a process through which unauthorised users can “spy” on your computer without your knowledge – learning about the websites you visit and possibly even reading the keystrokes you enter.


At Butterfield, we employ a range of proven technologies to help protect your accounts and your computer from unauthorised access, no matter which transactions you choose to perform online.


RSA Security Tokens


If you want to use Butterfield Online Internet Banking to send wire transfers, we will provide you with an RSA security token.Tokens minimise the potential risk of identity theft by generating a unique digital security code every 60 seconds. 


You need only enter the current token-generated code, along with your chosen user ID and password, to access your accounts online. 


Because the token number is valid only for your account and only for one minute, we know of no other system in Bermuda that provides an equivalent level of protection to online banking users.





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