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Secure Callback - For Online Banking Corporate Customers Only

The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd. (“Butterfield”) an automated, secure callback system (“Call-To-Verify”) for the authentication of certain transactions initiated by customers using Butterfield Online . Call-To-Verify authenticates specific transactions within the online banking channel. When it is time for you to be enrolled, Butterfield Online will alert you during the login process and will provide simple, step-by-step instructions for completing the registration.

After you’ve registered, when you initiate certain transactions in Butterfield Online, you will receive a phone call (on one of the phone numbers you registered) asking you to verify and authorise the transaction. To do so, you will be required to key in a four-digit code that will be displayed on your Butterfield Online screen. If you don’t answer your phone or accurately enter the four-digit code within the allowed time, the transaction in question will be declined.


Why is Butterfield introducing Call-To-Verify?
The Call-To-Verify feature which is used in conjunction with the proactive fraud monitoring services that Butterfield already has in place, is designed to provide enhanced security around online transactions, whilst offering you the convenience of no longer having to use a token to sign in or to authenticate your transactions.
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What happens to my RSA Security Token?
After you have registered for the Call-To-Verify service, you will no longer need your RSA Security Token to sign in to Butterfield Online or to authenticate transactions. Your RSA Security Token will be decommissioned by the Bank after you have registered for Call-To-Verify services. There is no need to return the token to the Bank.
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Will I still have to enter a login and password?
Yes. To access your accounts using Butterfield Online, you will continue to log into the service using your current login and password. However, you will no longer need to use your RSA Security Token-generated passcode as part of the login process or to authenticate certain transactions (e.g., funds transfers).
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When do I need to register and how do I register for Call-To-Verify?
Customers will be asked to register for the Call-To-Verify service during the period April to June 2015. Due to the large number of customers who need to have their information registered, we are scheduling registration in phases. When it’s your time to register, the first time you login to Butterfield Online, you will be guided through the simple, one-time set up. You don’t have to do anything differently until then. Once you have registered, the next time you initiate a transaction in Butterfield Online that is of a type considered to carry a risk of fraud or outside of your usual pattern of banking, you will be prompted by the system to authenticate the transaction via the Call-To-Verify system.
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How exactly does Call-To-Verify Work?
Following registration for the service, when you initiate certain transactions using Butterfield Online, you will be asked to confirm that the transactions are legitimate. The system will ask you which of your registered phone numbers to call you on, and then it will display a unique, four-digit code that you will have to enter into your phone’s keypad to authorise the transaction. You can register up to two phone numbers for use by the Call-To-Verify system. Note that the system will partially mask the phone number (displaying only the phone type and the last four digits) to help protect you from fraud.

If you don’t answer the call, or you don’t successfully key in the code within the allotted time, the transaction will be declined. Following a certain number of incorrect code-entry attempts, we will automatically disable your online/mobile banking access and you will have to contact us by calling (441) 295-1111 to reset it.
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Which phone numbers should I register?
You will be able to register two phone numbers in the Call-To-Verify system. They can be landlines or mobile phones. We recommend that you register the phone that you use at the location from which you most often conduct Butterfield Online transactions. If you use a mobile phone for Butterfield Mobile Banking, you should include that number as one of the two phone numbers that you register.

When you first register you will be instructed to provide one phone number only. Once you have logged into your account you can then register the second number from the left hand navigation located under heading ‘Call to Verify’.
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Will I get a Call-To-Verify every online/mobile banking transaction?
No. The Call-To-Verify system uses sophisticated screening techniques to identify transactions that are considered higher risk or outside your usual pattern of banking. So, if you login from a new location (IP address) that you haven’t used before, for example, Call-To-Verify will ring you to make sure you’re the person who is making the transaction request. There are a large number of scenarios that have been identified that will trigger a call to protect you, but generally, paying bills or transferring money to existing beneficiaries from a computer, tablet or phone that you usually use to do your banking with Butterfield won’t trigger a call.
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What if a mobile phone I have registered is lost or stolen?
Butterfield Mobile Banking has a time-out feature, which means that after a certain period of inactivity, your ability to complete transactions will be disabled until you re-enter your username and password, Therefore, if your phone is lost or stolen, even if you have recently used your phone for Butterfield Mobile Banking and neglected to logout, the person who took your phone won’t be able to access your accounts without your login and password. Furthermore, Butterfield Mobile Banking does not allow for the addition of new payment recipients, (beneficiaries must be added using Butterfield Online), which helps to minimise the possibility of funds being transferred to an unauthorised party. It is also good practice to add a password to your phone or tablet to protect all the information (documents, e-mails, photos, etc.) that you have stored on that device.
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What should I do if I receive a call asking me to verify a transaction that I didn’t request?
Select option 9 via the automated service, hang up and call us immediately on (441) 295 1111 to report it.
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What should I do if my phone number changes?
You can submit a request to have your phone numbers updated using the “Call-To-Verify ” option in the left-side Butterfield Online menu after you have logged in. The request to add or replace a phone number for use by the Call-To-Verify system will be reviewed and verified by the Bank in order to protect you. As such, it may take some time before a newly registered phone number is activated.
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Please note that the above information is subject to change without prior notice.


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