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Get in the Green with Butterfield Online.
Switch to E-Statements today!


We are pleased to announce the addition of two new features to Butterfield Online: electronic account statements (“E-Statements") and cheque images. You will now be able to view current statements as well as historical statements as far back as 1 September 2012. Separate cheque images will also be accessible for you to review in the near future.




Butterfield now offers e-statements to Butterfield Online Internet banking users. Butterfield Online users will also have the option to ”turn off” or deregister their paper statements through Butterfield Online. To turn off your mailed statement, please go to My Services, select “Deregister Paper Statements”, select your “Customer ID” number and hit submit. If you choose to discontinue receiving your paper statements, Butterfield will waive your monthly maintenance fees on your savings and chequing accounts. 


You will be able to view your cheque images at the end of your e-statement as you currently see them on your mailed statement. Later this year, you will also have the following options to view your cheque images: 1) by clicking on the hyperlinked reference number in your account activity list 2) by using the "Cheque Status Enquiry" link on the home page and 3)at the end of your monthly e-statement.


If you would like to deregister your paper statements and receive e-statements please send the request to your relationship manager who can also restrict viewing privileges for e-statements if this is your preference.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
How do I de-register or “turn off” my paper statements?
After your have signed into your Butterfield Online account, click “My Services” and click on “Deregister Paper Statements”. You will see your Customer ID number along with your chequing and savings account numbers listed. Select your Customer ID number, and hit submit to deregister your paper statements. When you deregister you will no longer receive statements in the mail for your chequing and savings accounts and your monthly maintenance fee will be discontinued.
Where do I find my e-statements on Butterfield Online?
Under “Statements”, select the account statement that you wish to view from the drop down box.
Which types of accounts are e-statements available for?
E-Statements are available for your Butterfield Chequing and Savings accounts.
I have a joint chequing/savings account. Who can deregister the paper statement on a joint account?
The Primary account name (the account holder who is listed first) will have the ability to deregister the paper statement.
I have a Corporate account. Will I automatically receive e-statements?
If you are a Corporate customer, you must send a written request to your Corporate Banking Relationship Manager requesting e-statements.
I have a Corporate account. Can I” turn-off” my paper statements?
Yes, but you must send a written request to your Corporate Banking Relationship Manager to deregister or “turn-off” your paper statements; for control purposes, you cannot do it online.
How many statements will be available?
To start, you will be able to view statements going back to September 2012. Going forward, a rolling history worth of 15 months of e-statements will be stored in Butterfield Online. You can download and save your e-statement to your computer as a PDF file if you need to store more than 15 months.
I do not have Online Banking – what is going to happen to my statements?
They will continue to be mailed to you along with your cheque images.
Will I be charged a fee if I do not deregister my paper statements?
If you do not deregister your paper statements, you will continue to receive the monthly maintenance fee of $5.00 per month for chequing accounts and $1.00 per month for savings accounts.
How can I avoid these fees?
Sign up for Butterfield Online. Download the forms from or pick them up at any Banking Centre. Once you are a Butterfield Online customer you can turn off your mailed statements and we will waive your monthly fee(s).
What format are e-statements and cheque images in?
E-Statements and cheque images are in PDF format. You will need to have a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer in order to view the images. This software is available for free on the Internet.
Will I be able to view my used cheque images as I would in a mailed statement?
Yes this will look the same - but in the near future, there will be an added service whereby you can search each cheque individually. This will be available in “Account Activity” (cleared cheques will be hyperlinked to the image of the cheque) or “Cheques”/”Cheque Status Enquiry” where you can search by cheque number or date. We will alert all online users when this service is available.



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