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Loans and Mortgages Rates and Fees




Loan Fees                


 Loan Fees

Consumer LoansEducational (Local or Overseas)Debt Consolidation
Administration Fee1% of loan ($200 minimum)1% of loan ($200 minimum)1% of loan ($200 minimum)
Late Payment Fees$40$40$40

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Mortage Fees


 Mortage Fees

First Legal MortgageSecond Mortgage
(Deed of Further Charge)
Home Equity
Administration Fee1% of mortgage (minimum of $2,500)1% of addition to current mortgage ($500 minimum)1% of addition to current mortgage ($500 minimum)
Appraisal Fee$375 $375 $375
Inspection Fee$275 $275 $275
Late Payment Fee$40$40$40
Outstanding Insurance Premium Fee10% of insurance premium (minimum of $350)10% of insurance premium (minimum of $350)N/A

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Credit Reference Fees


 Credit Reference Fees

Student Reference$20 each
Standard Reference$35 each
(includes Bank to Bank)
Additional Copies$45 each
Rush Fee$45 each

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  Fees effective 4 January 2011.

Mortgage Rates


 Mortgage Rates

VariableMaximum 30-year term8 %

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Mortgage rate effective  26 March 2018



Mortgage rates will vary. Please consult a Personal Banking Representative at your Banking Centre or call our Mortgage Hotline at (441) 298 4799 for details.



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Additional fees may apply.

Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.





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