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Group Services:

Personal Investment Services

From Self-Directed Brokerage Online to Discretionary Asset Management, Butterfield offers a full range of investment services to meet your needs.





  Standard Settlement Instructions for Incoming Wire Payments

Effective Monday, 18 May 2020, routing information for inbound wire payments in several currencies will change. Please see details and new payment instructions.






  General Terms & Conditions Updates

Please find amended General Terms and Conditions in the link below.






  Introducing EMV 3-D Secure (2.0)

A more secure way to pay online .  






  Just Good Business

Learn how Bermuda is helping to fight global financial crime.  






  Moving to Bermuda?

With so many things to plan, moving to a new country and starting a new job can be stressful. Butterfield can help. 






  Seniors (60+) Take Note:


Register to take advantage of special seniors' banking benefits from Butterfield.







  Butterfield Bermuda Social Media 


We’re pleased to announce that Butterfield Bermuda now has an official Facebook page and Twitter handle through which we’ll be communicating with our customers and









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Credit Card Payment Deferrals

In March, Butterfield announced that a waiver of late payment/penalty fees would be applied to credit card accounts in good standing for April and May balances (with billing in May and June, respectively). This means that, for card accounts that were current and up-to-date at the beginning of April, penalty fees would not be applied in May or June billing where customers opted to make no payments. Please note that the payment deferral does not apply to balances for the June cycle and beyond (for which billing will start in July). Should you anticipate have any difficulty in making your regular credit card account payments going forward, please contact us using the telephone numbers on the back of your card.





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Butterfield subscribes to the Bermuda Banking Code of Conduct.

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