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Legal Notice

Butterfield Bank products and services are available only in those jurisdictions where they may be legally
offered or obtained.


Deposits made with The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited (“Butterfield Bank” or “the Bank”) are not
covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme under the U.K. Financial Services and Markets
Act, 2000. In addition, we are not licensed to conduct banking business in the United States or Canada.
There is no compensation scheme in Bermuda covering deposits.


We are not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act, 2000 to carry on investment
business in the United Kingdom. Furthermore we are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority nor
are any monies payable under the U.K.'s Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


Our investment vehicles and services have not been registered or licensed under any United States
securities legislation and are not being offered, directly or indirectly, in the United States or in any of its
territories or possessions or areas subject to its jurisdiction or to its citizens or persons thereof. "United
States" is herein defined meaning the United States of America (including the States and the District of
Columbia), its territories, its possessions and other areas subject to its jurisdiction including the
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and "U.S. person" includes any national, citizen or resident of the United
States, a corporation, partnership or other entity created or organised in and under the laws of the United
States or any political subdivision thereof, and any estate or trust which is subject to United States
federal income taxation regardless of the source of its income.


Terms of Use of this Website


With the exception of Internet Banking or online applications, the information on this web site is for
information purposes only. Unless specifically stated otherwise, it does not constitute an offer to purchase
or sell any financial, security or investment product, nor does it constitute professional advice. The
products and services of the Bank are not offered to any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country
where the advertisement, offer, solicitation, provision or sale of such products and services is restricted
or prohibited by law or regulation or where the Bank (or any of its group companies or affiliates) would
be subject to any regulation or licensing requirement. Persons located or resident in jurisdictions outside
Bermuda that may restrict the distribution of information by us, should note that they must observe any
relevant legislation and restrictions in their jurisdiction. Additional information is available on request.


If you proceed to access the information included in this site, you acknowledge that you have read and
agree with the above statement.




Copyright in the pages, screens, information, and all material in their arrangement, included in the web
site is owned by or licensed to The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited unless otherwise noted. You
may imprint, copy download or temporarily store extracts from the web site for your personal
information or when you use any products and services of the web site. You may not alter or otherwise
make any changes to any material that you print or download from the web site, including, without
limitation, removing any identifying marks or legends from such material. You may not distribute these
materials to others. Any other use is prohibited unless you first request and obtain our written
permission. In particular no one may copy or use a part of the web site on any other web site, or link any
other web site to the web site, without the prior written permission of The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son
Limited. You may not use the web site for any purpose which is unlawful, abusive, libelous, obscene or


Butterfield Bank is a brand name of The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited and all rights in and to
Butterfield Bank vest in The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited. Other than as provided above you
may not use or reproduce the Butterfield Bank logo or brand name.


Confidentiality and Data Protection


The Bank is committed to ensuring our security measures are of the highest standards and that we
protect your privacy during your use of this website. We are fully aware of our responsibilities to keep
your information as safe, secure and confidential as possible and that any information should only be
used for specified purposes. 


Any personal data provided by you in response to this website or otherwise, will be processed by us in
accordance with Bermuda’s data protection laws, and will not be used other than in the normal course of
our business. The Bank may keep the personal details supplied by customers and others in connection
with this site or the opening of an account with the Bank, on a database or a relevant filing system.


We may pass information about you to other Butterfield Bank Group companies. All Group companies, all
our staff and all agents with permitted access to your information are specifically required to observe our
confidentiality obligations. You agree that any companies within the Butterfield Bank Group with whom
you have a relationship may use and update any centrally held information to provide you with services,
to prevent fraud and to update their own records about you.


The information held by the Bank about you may only be disclosed outside of the Bank at the request
and with your consent, to the Bank's agents and others in connection with running of the accounts and
services for you, as required by law or if it is in the public interest to do so. In certain circumstances, we
may from time to time be required to disclose your information to governmental, regulatory or judicial
bodies or agencies. In such circumstances, we will only do so under proper authority. 


When using the public portion of the site you are not required to provide us with any personal information
if you do not wish to do so and we do not monitor or collect any personally identifiable information from
you on your use of the public portions of the site. We may track the number of users who visit areas of
the site through the use of cookies, but this tracking will not identify you. We may also record the location
of your computer on the Internet for systems administration, trouble-shooting purposes, and to report
aggregate information.


The Bank may contact you about the Bank’s services and those of other members in the group, which the
Bank believes may be of interest to you unless you have informed the Bank that you do not wish to
receive this information.




To use Butterfield Direct Internet Banking services you must have your browser set to accept cookies. A
cookie is a package of data containing a string of text that identifies you as it travels between your
computer and ours. This helps ensure the right information is delivered to the right destination.


Butterfield Bank encrypts the text contained within these cookies so that they may not be tampered with
or viewed by another party. Only Butterfield Bank servers may read these cookies; your web browser
ensures that these cookies are not sent to other web sites. Butterfield Bank does not use cookies for
marketing purposes.


Exclusions of legal liability


Although we have tried to make this site as accurate and easy to use as possible, we disclaim all express
or implied warranties that this site is accurate, complete, or up to date. We will have no liability if it is not.
The fact that information, products or services are shown on this site does not necessarily mean that:

  • You should rely on the information
  • The products and services that we provide are suitable for you
  • The services on this site are still available
  • The services available may not have changed

This website contains links to third party websites which are hosted and maintained independently. We
have no control over the content or security of any such site and you link to such websites at your own


Any personal data provided by you in response to this website or otherwise may be held and processed
by us, and will not be used other than in the normal course of our business. We may pass information
about you to other Butterfield Bank Group companies.


The contents of this website, including these Legal Notices, are subject to change by us without


Telephone calls may be monitored and recorded for security, training and service quality purposes.


Please note that information sent to us by e-mail is sent at your own risk. It is your responsibility to
ensure that viruses do not enter your system, and we accept no responsibility in this regard.


Protect yourself
Visit our Security & Privacy page for tips on protecting yourself from online fraud and computer viruses.




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