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Butterfield’s Investment Services Department provides custodial services
including the purchase and sale of securities on all major markets
including securities traded on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.


Assets are held via our global sub-custodian JP Morgan Chase in addition to our local safekeeping facility.


Our services include:

  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Processing of stock dividends, rights issues, bonus issues or other corporate reorganisation issues
  • Income collection (dividend and bond interest)
  • Monthly or quarterly statements


Investment Services is made up of the following units:


Securities Settlements
We settle various investment transactions in more than 80 markets via the JP Morgan Chase network. 
Transactions include Equities, Fixed Income, CMOs, etc.  We also hold direct investments in Funds, and
Fund of Funds via our nominee company, Field Nominees Limited.


Cash & Deposits, Data Processing
Fixed Deposits, Foreign Exchange Dealing and Data Processing are executed via the Cash & Deposits


Corporate Actions
Processing of all corporate activity including:  Rights Issues, Tender Offers, Stock Dividends, Stock Splits
and Cash Dividends.


Client Administration
The Client Administration team liaises directly with clients to complete authorised instructions.  Each
account is allocated an administrator, officer and an AVP to ensure full coverage. This team is also
responsible for reporting on assets held on a monthly or quarterly basis, as directed by clients.


We are committed and dedicated to providing the highest level of expert and efficient service to our
customers at all times.





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